Piet Oudolf at the Serpentine

The concept for this year’s Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery is the hortus conclusus, a contemplative room, a garden within a garden. One enters the building from the lawn and begins the transition into the central garden, a place abstracted from the world of noise and traffic and the smells of London – an interior space within which to sit, to walk, to observe the flowers. Pavillion by architect Peter Zumthor and garden by Piet Oudolf

“Enclosed gardens fascinate me,” he says. “A forerunner of this fascination  is my love of the fenced vegetable gardens on farms in the Alps. I love the image of these small rectangles cut out of vast alpine meadows, the fence keeping the animals out. There is something else that strikes me in this image of a garden fenced off within the larger landscape around it: something small has found sanctuary within something big.” |  Piet Oudolf's garden at the Serpentine Gallery pavilion Telegraph

Plant list here.